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Closing the Black employer gap: Insights from the latest data on Black-owned businesses


A report from the Brookings Institution expands on Path to 15|55's initiative to grow Black business and close racial disparities in employer
business ownership.


Black-owned businesses in U.S. cities: The challenges, solutions,
and opportunities for prosperity

2022 State of Black Businesses report from the Brookings Institution and Path to 15|5  finds that while the pandemic has disproportionately hurt preexisting Black firms, it has also spurred the creation of new Black businesses.


To expand the economy, invest in Black businesses

A report from the Brookings Institution and Path to 15|55 explores the state of Black-owned employer businesses to set of business development goals.


The Tapestry of Black Business Ownership in America

This groundbreaking report explores the diversity among Black business owners in the U.S. and illuminates several key findings.


Equitable Underwriting Will Unleash Capital for Black-Owned Businesses 


This Equitable Underwriting Playbook outlines how financial institutions can overhaul their practices and develop more equitable processes that improve their bottom line.


The Financial Returns of Diverse Private Equity Firms

The National Association of Investment Companies found that diverse private equity funds produced higher-than-median returns. About four in 10 diverse funds produced top-quartile net IRRs and multiples of invested capital.


Path to 15|55 Infographics

Use this social media toolkit to spread the word about barriers to success for Black businesses, as well as how the American economy would grow if Black businesses reach parity with white firms. 


The Road to Zero Wealth

How the racial wealth divide is hollowing out America's middle class.


Investing in the Black community


This resource from Bankrate highlights different resources and platforms to invest in Black businesses and other opportunities. 


How Usable Capital

Will Unleash

Black Business Growth

In this report from Path to 15|55, thought leaders across asset classes share innovative ways to remove barriers and increase access to capital for Black business owners. 


Path to 15|55 has $100 million in commitments to grow Black businesses

This capital will be used to support policy change at national, state and local levels, and invest directly in Black businesses and the intermediaries that support them. 

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