Path to 15|55’s future plans are centered on three core tenets: Awareness, Alignment, and Action — all in service of behavior change to grow Black businesses. The tenets function as a loop, continually flowing to improve the work and ensure sustainability.

Our strategy includes:
  1. Increase AWARENESS of the outcomes and drivers of where Black businesses are today and what is possible with combined effort.
  2. Support ALIGNMENT towards these KPIs.
  3. Drive ACTION at the local, state, and national level.



Share what works and why



Catalyze behavior change



Collaborate towards shared outcomes



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Philanthropic Pledge

Path to 15|55 has $100 million in commitments to grow Black businesses. This capital will be used to support policy change at national, state and local levels, and invest directly in Black businesses and the intermediaries that support them.


This resource, developed with GIIN, CapEQ, and PolicyLink, as a part of the Corporate Racial Equity Alliance, helps investors select impact strategies and adopt recommended sets of metrics that track performance toward racial equity, both through their own policies and practices and through their investments.

Community of Practice

The Path 15|55 Fund Community of Action are applied research cohorts who are committed to thinking and behaving differently to accelerate progress towards one or more of the KPIs. The Path 15|55 Fund Community of Action

  • Amplify best practices and develop playbooks

  • Leverage and scale insights across the country

  • Provide expertise and a container for practical on the ground activities

The Path 15|55 Fund

The Path 15|55 Fund leverages a collective impact strategy to connect and enhance existing Black- led and Black-influenced capital initiatives, impact investors, nonprofits, government agencies and financial institutions in committing and leveraging their capital to change systems.


These capital initiatives will share and scale innovations in testing risk methodologies, providing ultra-flexible capital sources, fueling high-growth industries, and leveraging place-

based infrastructure. This focus ensures the Path to 15|55 Fund is amplifying opportunities to change practices within philanthropy, private capital, and government agencies that ensure sustainable systems for Black business growth.


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