Path to 15|55 established shared strategies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for stakeholders to mobilize around:

All Black business owners have opportunities and resources to fuel their growth and reinvestment in the prosperity of their communities.


Power, Risk, and Justice:
A Model for Investors to
Advance Racial Equity

This resource, developed with GIIN, CapEQ, and PolicyLink, as a part of the Corporate Racial Equity Alliance, helps investors select impact strategies and adopt recommended sets of metrics that track performance toward racial equity, both through their own policies and practices and through their investments.


How Usable Capital

Will Unleash

Black Business Growth

In this report from Path to 15|55, thought leaders across asset classes share innovative ways to remove barriers and increase access to capital for Black business owners. 


We need an equal
opportunity economy that
supports Black businesses, too

Andre Perry and Tynesia Boyea-Robinson urge the Biden administration to establish clear, measurable goals for strategic investment in Black entrepreneurs to grow our economy.


Path to 15|55 has $100 million in commitments to grow Black businesses

This capital will be used to support policy change at national, state and local levels, and invest directly in Black businesses and the intermediaries that support them. 


Black barbers must matter for the economy to really recover

Amid COVID-19's economic impact, Andre Perry and Tynesia Boyea-Robinson call for intervention to save Black barbershops from financial ruin.


Black Business:

Restart, Recovery, and Renewal

A diverse cross-section of leaders from across the country share bold actions you can take today to support black business owners.


The Financial Returns of Diverse Private Equity Firms

The National Association of Investment Companies found that diverse private equity funds produced higher-than-median returns. About four in 10 diverse funds produced top-quartile net IRRs and multiples of invested capital.


How Black-owned businesses can make the most out of the Biden infrastructure plan

Create more opportunities for small businesses and advance racial equity by investing in Black-owned businesses, allowing them to play a role in the plan’s revitalization of our infrastructure through the American Jobs Plan.


Path to 15|55 Infographics

Use this social media toolkit to spread the word about barriers to success for Black businesses, as well as how the American economy would grow if Black businesses reach parity with white firms. 


The Tapestry of Black Business Ownership in America

This groundbreaking report explores the diversity among Black business owners in the U.S. and illuminates several key findings.

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It’s hard to lead a small business during a pandemic. It’s harder when you’re black.

Health risks and trouble accessing capital can be hard on black business owners.


The Laura Coates Show

Tynesia Boyea-Robinson discusses black businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic.


How Usable Capital Can Unleash Black Business Growth and Close Racial Gaps

Learn how Mission Driven Finance and Carter Transportation are implementing best practices from How Usable Capital Will Unleash Black Business Growth.


Jump-starting Black-owned businesses will jump-start the economy.

Putting Black businesses on a path to success will not be easy, but Path to 15|55 is working with multiple groups to help them see how they can do more to support Black businesses and Black communities. 


To expand the economy, invest in Black businesses

A report from the Brookings Institution and Path to 15|55 explores the state of Black-owned employer businesses to set of business development goals.


The Road to Zero Wealth

How the racial wealth divide is hollowing out America's middle class.


The $55 Billion Plan

Accelerating Black-owned businesses to create wealth, jobs and growth.

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George Floyd’s death demonstrates the policy violence that devalues Black lives

The racial attitudes that lead police to choke Black people are the same that exclude Black people from employment and investment opportunities.